On the French coast at Honfleur, the company has salvaged two shipwrecks (the Hermon, a coaster which sunck in 1896, and a pontoon). To do this, the company equipped the Atlantis with enormous metal cutters and the American Hoist 11320. The wrecks were cut into pieces and removed by crane.


    The project involves the demolition and reconstruction of the bridge at Kanne, under a “Design & Build” contract. Starting with the necessary design work, the old bridge was completely demolished and a new bridge built by Herbosch-Kiere.


    Phase 1: remediation and asbestos removal from backfill on private land in Kapelle-op-den-Bos.  The main work involved removing ± 38,000 t of asbestos waste from ± 400 different plots of land. All plots had to be restored to their original state.


    Construction of landing stages for the marina alongside the Scheldt at Temse.


    Construction of a T-shaped mooring platform for 6 ships in the Port of Antwerp (Sea-Tank Terminal).

    Access bridge: 100 m, platform: 800 m.

    The foundations are made of steel columns covered in concrete. There are two intermediate platforms.

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