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Oostvlaams Milieubeheer

OVMB: an environmentally-friendly landfill site for storing and treatment waste

OVMB, an Eiffage Benelux subsidiary, stores waste in a safe and  environmentally-friendly manner, with only limited impact on its surroundings. The company gives absolute priority to transparency vis-à-vis authorities and neighbours, as well as to customer loyalty.

Waste site operations on the 32-hectare site started in 1994, and are taking place in 10 successive phases. Total capacity of the landfill site is approximately 6 million tonnes.  The site offers easy access, whether by road, rail or waterway.

Each site is kept separate from its surroundings using the latest techniques. The bottom layer of clay protecting the soil and groundwater is 1 metre thick. On top of this is a permeable layer with a drainage control system and an electronic leak detection system.

When a site has reached its maximum level, it is covered by an impermeable layer preventing rainwater filtering through to the waste. Both during and after discharging, the sites are constantly monitored with a view to limiting the impact on the immediate surroundings. In 1998, OVMB started extending its operations to waste solidification and stabilisation, with the aim of offering solutions that are both environmentally-friendly and economically viable for large quantities of “problem waste”. Legal restrictions limit the site's acceptance of certain types of waste, with hazardous waste having to be pre-treated before it can be landfilled.

Solidification is a treatment technology enabling the transformation of hazardous waste into a less dangerous form before being landfilled. Intermediate waste storage is in a multi-compartment and multi-silo bunker. In 2012, OVMB commissioned a second solidification facility to meet the growing demand for pre-treating waste. This second facility is used solely for treating combustion residues.

OVMB attaches great importance to customer satisfaction, without losing sight of legal requirements. A carefully installed quality assurance system guarantees the correct treatment of waste throughout the process: waste validation, collection, monitoring. 

Right from the start, OVMB focused on gaining quality and environmental certifications. This has seen the company introducing an ISO 9001 quality assurance system and, in line with its environmental responsibility, an ISO 14001-compliant environmental protection system.

In 2006, the company gained authorisation to operate a lagooning system and a mono-waste facility on its own sites. The first lagooning field was completed in 2008, followed by a second one a year later. These lagooning fields are used for drying dredging sludge.  When recycling is not possible, the dried material is transferred to a mono-waste site.


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