We specialize in different fit for purpose foundation techniques (slurry walls, soldier piles, earth anchor, micropiles, jet grouting, and ground treatment).

Corresponding to each of these techniques, we have a comprehensive know-how that has been built in the many years that we have been active in foundations technique. Our company is equipped with a vast expertise of experienced building personnel, combined with the necessary ambition and creativity. We have at our disposal a wide variety of specific material, deployable in the most challenging situations.

We strive for a customized and constructive solution for all our clients, which include governments, principal contractors, project developers, as well as individuals.  So as to realize high quality foundation solutions, we base ourselves on our fine tuned procedures, and this in terms of the aspects of execution, quality assurance, as well as safety.

In summary:

-          Recognition class 6

-          Certifications:  

o   Quality security system ISO 9001/2000

o   Environmental care system ISO 14001/2004

-          Member of the Belgian Association of Foundation Works Contractors (

-          Member of the Eiffage group