Wreck salvage of the Celandro

Whilst unloading on the quay the Celandro ship capsized when water entered the ballast tank causing 3/4 of its load to fall out. The ship was laden with 450 pallets, each carrying 1000 kg of cement.

After removing the load from the water, the ship was rotated 90° by the use of cables. All of the openings were resealed an pumped dry to refloat the ship. Rapid execution was required before the tide could reach the hold. When the ship was afloat with the balance of the load still on board, the Celandro was towed away with an intact cargo.

Built in 1960, the Celandro is over 60m long, with an empty weight of 172 tons and a load capacity of 400 tons.

Project duration: 
03/2010 - 03/2010